Monday, April 16, 2007


The thursday before easter (i just got the pics off a friend) we went to F/G and they had on free crafts for kids and then the easter bunny came. We also went for lunch and took the kids to the library to borrow some books! they had heaps of fun.
this is their little friend Imogen!

ok, i know they're a little late, but here are the kids easter photos! the easter bunny came and left eggs all over the backyard, and also a car each!

these are the baskets that we made on sat for them to put their eggs in.

and a few pages to share-

from challenge bon-

i had to use orange and yellow fibres...

journalling in a spiral

and list of 5 things journalling

the only thing missing is the 5 things, i'm STIL:L waiting for kyle to write out 5 things he loves about auskick. it will be stuck under the photo!

**not sure why, but the colouring is really bad!

this one i did at the crop 4 kids, i just love this photo of kyle

and from the challenge bon-

orange, navy blue and at least 10 buttons!

and this one, this was very hard for me to scrap! I've had the photos for quite some time, but never been able to scrap them, It's my nan and pop, who have both passed. I was very, very close with my nan and miss her SO much. When i finished the LO i sat there and cried. I'm very happy with the outcome!


Charmane said...

oh yay - you've updated - ALREADY!!! Love the photos of the kids at easter.... and your layouts - VERY COOL!!!

Sam said...

The photos are really cute and your LO's are gorgeous Bon :-D

BTW Tag you're it! Check out my blog ;)

Charmane said...

Hey Bon - I've tagged you - go check it out on my blog - 7 useless bits of info about you....

have a look :)

melanie harris said...

Love all those photos, better late than never.

Gorgoeus layouts, I love the one of your nan and pop.