Sunday, April 08, 2007

finally i feel loved!

well, i know Dylan loves me, but he is just such a daddys boy! this morning the kids were out the front playing and i was out the back hanging the washing out. then the boys come around the corner of the house and Dylan is crying!
I'm like- "whats wrong bubby?" he thought i was gone!
isn't that just too cute!

ok, I've got a few to show!

all for the 1,2,3 cybercrop -

challenge #1, an elsie sketch-

challenge #3, buttons, scraplift a page & black & red! WINNER!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!

challenge #2, a quote, hearts & no c/s

for another CC-

challenge was puzzles-

challenge bon from the forum-

challenge was fabric, flowers, stisching & embossing! i just love this one!

challenge was - pink, handmade/altered, and brads or something similar in a geometric shape!

so about a week and a half ago we went to the park-

the kids would not co-operate! but mannaged to get a couple of good shots!

last friday kyle had his easter parade at school!

they had fun and the easter bunny came, the kids were all very excited!

the hall is not the greatest for taking photos, unless you are close, so i've only got close ups!

on good friday i went to the crop 4 kids day to help support the royal childrens hospital!

it was a great day, but it went so fast!



phatassphairy said...

omg, your beading is just so beautiful it is really developing and really artistic flare ...i love your butterfly too ....where did you get it ..and what brand is it ....i love all your lay outs well done you ....and i would love to have a get together up here one day like you guys have down there....sounds like so much fun...

fleurie said...

it was a Great day wasnt it...cant wait to hear what the TOTAL 'raised' was...

Teina said...

I love all the Layouts and Love the phot of the two boys not looking to happy LOL you all look like you have an awseome day which I could have been there

Felicity said...

Oh Bon, I havent logged on in ages - I didnt know that was you - I was there too. I will be at your crop day in Belgrave so I will come and say "hello"

Charmane said...

OH that's so cute about Dylan thinking you were gone...heheh... something Chei would do - Harmony cries when one of us gets out the car thinking we are going to leave her too...Love your pages - you know you should upload regularly so then you don't have to take a day to upload EVERYTHING...hehehe
How fantastic was yesterday??? Can't wait til the next time - give some extra time so I can save up some $$ to spend MORE heheh!!! I even scrapped a page - YAY! Great day and LOVE those pumpkin scones too YUMMO!!!

Cherie said...

Love all the layouts Bon they are all just beautiful.

Cute photos at the park...

Dosent it just melts your heart when your kids come out and say something special like that......

Take care and chat soon

PS have not had time to use the cool stuff I got from you yet.