Saturday, December 09, 2006

7 WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!

i can't believe it....
7 weeks!!!!!!!
and i'm half way to my target! I've lost five kg, and hope to lose another 5 by the wedding, 5kg in 7 weeks- acheivable!!!!
i feel organized, excited and finally i feel my life is all coming together.
On tuesday i will have my hair and make-up trial- and that's very exciting, (i almost asked her if she was bringing her magic wand, but then decided against it!)
my veil and garter arrived this week, and i'm sure i've tried on my veil at least a hundred times!!!!!
It is so frustrating my sister being in brisbane, trying to organize stuff for her!!! but i think we're finally there.
**ANNA** is also making my jewellery.

**my first magazine advertising for the shop comes out tomorrow (i think) I really hope that it brings in some business, but i know it's that time of year.


Anonymous said...

They look fantastic Bon :)
How exciting 7 weeks will fly by

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the wedding and the weight loss I'm sure you are going to look beautiful!
Loving that necklace too!