Saturday, December 16, 2006


four kg to go!!!!! BUT- i bought a box of roses today, like the biggest one, to share around for these cute little tins i'm making, but i've eaten HALF of the box.... OPPPSSY!!!
anyway here is what i've been up to-
this one is for kyle's teacher for christmas, along with the remaining chocolates that i didn't eat!!!!
*I also picked up the boys suits for the wedding yesterday and i think they might have to try them on again "JUST IN CASE", and i may notice the camera sitting on the table calling out to me and then i may just have to show you all just how adorable they are going to be!!!!!
Anyways- I've got matt's christmas breakup tonight yay.... hear the enthusiasm in my voice? AND to top it off i had this months CC planned for tonight, and matt only told me a couple of days ago!! not happy jan!!!! and his parents are coming here to watch the kids and there's mess everywhere and i can't drag myself out there to clean it up.
The mess is maily due to the fact that i had big dramas with the company that was hosting the forum for the shop, and i've spent the past couple of days building a new forum from scratch.. I knew i should have just gone through the same company, oh well kind of all fixed now. I'm also thinking about doing some kind of study into web design, if i can build a shop, a gallery and a forum ALL BY MYSELF, then why not???
Hopefully after the wedding i will make some time to play around with it a bit more and make it pretty, but it works and thats what matters for now!!!!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and feel free to pop in for the cybercrop on monday night.

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