Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's quickly approaching that time of the year again.

Scary, it scares me how every year just seems to go so much quicker than the last.
So anyway the other day we met matt's mum at myer so that we could organize his suit for the wedding. ( i actually had to bribe and drag him) Why do some men hate the shops?? I must say he's quite a clown sometimes, but i love that he makes me laugh so much- on the phone to his mum he says to her how come bonnie is allowed to see me in my dress and i'm not allowed to see her in hers....
Anyway, He looks VERY handsome.
While we were there the kids found santa, so Jenny decided to get santa pics.

not the best photo, but better than none, i suppose.

I had my first cybercrop on sunday, and ends tonight. It was fun, but would've bee a bit better if i was feeling better.
I did one of the challanges-
I had to use one brand only- I used the new brand PIGGY TALES- i love it.
also only opne photo and a one word title. Again not the greatest pic, but oh well. If i can drag myself to my scrap desk, after ring searching today i will try to complete another of the challanges. Still not feeling the greatest, but the wedding is only 9 weeks away and i have been advised to get onto the ring NOW with christmas in between, alot of places close.

Still waiting to hear back from the BISHOP as to whether the priest can marry us in the garden.. I really am not liking the wait.

I have decided that i love ebay- I have searched high and low for a lemon coloured garter,and where did i find it- ebay of course!!!!
and under $10 including post. YAY!!!!

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