Friday, February 12, 2010

perth photos part ONE of THREE!!!

i have 45 photos to upload so i'll do it in groups of 15 :)
i had the most awesome time in perth with my beautiful friend sandie and her family.
i feel so greTFUL to have a friend like her, i'm pretty sure she knows how much her friendship means to me , dont you babe??
it was also soooo great to catch up with my other perth chickies!
i just love this shot of lacey and kyle with our plane behind them...
these first few are from our trip over to penguin island.
we took the ferry over and then we went on a glass bottom boat tour to see the seals.
and, how cute are these little ducklings!!!
they were at the resort that we stayed at, the kids just loved feeding them all of our bread!!!
these last few are from matts FAV day of the holiday, aye sandie ;)
we went to the chocolate, fudge and lolly factories!!! YUMMO!


Jane said...

some cute photos there Bon, looks like you had an amazing holiday :)

Marelle said...

wow Bon superb shots
looks like you haad a fabbbb
holiday honey so pleased you are back

Felicity said...

drool drool drool.. chocolate, sugar... hmmm.. YUMMO :)
How grown up does LAcey look :) Love the shots of you & Matt :) x
cant wait to see part 2 :) xx

Chantal said...

Wow - great photos! I've gotta get down to Penguin Island again soon - it's been WAY too long! I live in Perth and should do the tourist thing more often... always seem to do more on holidays somewhere else iykwim?! :)

Kerry said...

looks like you had an amazing time Bon...gorgeous pics

Kerry said...

looks like you had an amazing time Bon...gorgeous pics

megan leslie said...

ooh gorgeous photos!! so very cool to meet irl!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics, Bon! Love that one of you and Matt. Looks like you had an awesome time.


if matts a really good boy.. and treats my bon like a queen i might send him some fudge for chrissy.. roflpmsl.. might do it just for a laugh.. those photos bring back so many wonderful moments.. i loved every minute of our holiday tgtha..

what a gorgeous suprise to see an update.. so unexpected..

big hugs babe.. missing you....:(
and i will update some time in the near future.. im not as organised as you...

Linda said...

Gorgeous photos Bon - love the one of Lacey with the chocolate face :)
So glad that you had a fantastic holiday!

Bree said...

Love the photos Bon and how fantastic it was to meet up with you again and actually meet your gorgeous family!! I had the best time at all of our get togethers xx
Lacey looks so adorable with that choccie on her face!!

Skye said...

LOVE these beautiful shots of you 2lovely ladies and your gorgeous families :D
So glad you had a good time! It was a well deserved break!

Fame said...

My god, 80% of women are like