Sunday, February 14, 2010

perth part 2.

i'm back already...
sandie where are your shots babe???
first up is a group shot of the kiddies from mthe chocolatre factory.

this is the view looking back at the resort from the gate leading to the beach.
i took the next few shots on my selfpunnishment day, after eating all of that chocolatr i made myself walk 6.5km in the soft sand.
you can hardly call it punnishment when it looks like this.
it was really nice to get some time to myself {without the kids}

and this is looking down from my balcony, how sweet.

next are from busselton jetty. the worlds longest jetty, which we couldn't walk down because some a$$hole adolesants had burnt it down :(
it was still beautiful though!

this is inside the caves at yellingup.
it was beautiful!!

and a few shots from the trip home {aka- sandies place}, we stopped over at an abandoned railway in capel.

and finally a shot of kyle...
he was soooo painful and would not go anywhere near the camera. these were taken at the lake just up the road from sandies place.


Mal said...

gorgeous bon, love them all, but really like the one of the pier and matt and lacey looking through the fence and the one of the two boys! looks like a great holiday:)

Felicity said...

OH MY GOSH!!! there just stunning.


bloody stunning... my fav is hte one of all of us on the jetty.. its just ace..gotta love self timer

Monique said...

Beautiful photos, Bon - Hmmmm, might have to go west just to get my hands on some of that yummu chocolate!!

Jane said...

fantastic photos Bon, just love the one of Lacey lying in the sand - LOL!!!!! and all of you on the jetty is awesome - thanks for sharing :)

Giovanna said...

bloomin' marvellous
lovely family holiday snaps Bon
glad you relaxed

Fran Tynan said...

These looks fab, Bon - glad you had such a great time!

Fran xx

Melinda said...

Bon they are fantastic!!! You look like you had an amazing holiday!! Can't wait till you scrap some :-)

kerry said...

Glad to see that you had such a great time away Bon.Love all the pics and isint the jetty fantastic .When Col and i went it was to windy so they wouldnt let us on it.Take care KErry xx

kerry said...
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Nicolee said...

so glad you had a refreshing break. What a gorgeous part of Aus, and great photos to capture it!!! awesome!!!