Wednesday, September 09, 2009

the current SC!!! & fathers day...

i'm so excited and i can't wait to get this months issue of scrapbooking creations!!
i have a big feature in there on mini albums!!!
I poured my absoloute heart and soul into this feature, so i cant wait to get it!!

now for fathers day, and the photo OVERLOAD!!!
i love them all, here is about a quarter of what i took!!!!
i cant wait to make a mini out of these!!!

when we got up in the morning we decided to let matt have a sleep in, so i gave lacey brekky and we went for a walk to the supermarket to get the bacon....
i can not believe the amount of men we saw up there buying their own bacon, poor guys...
we got home and cooked him this-
because i knew i was going to take some awesome piccies i made him go and have a shower and get dressed before he could get his pressies, MEAN huh!!!!!

then after lacey has a sleep we went over to matts parents, it was so good to see them again, and also matts sister clare... she made the best chocolate pudding i have EVER had!!! OMG!!!

so i ordered them all out to the yard for some snaps.

then we headed over to my parents place!! mum was in the garden... i think she might be ill ROFL!!!!
we weren't there for long :(
and by the time we got there it was getting dark and the kids were grumpy and over it, but i still ordered them to the steps for shots...
i always seem to forget to take piccies with the grandparents so i'm going to make a concious effort from now on!
i'm so sad that i forgot to get a shot of dad and me, considering it's OUR fathers day IYKWIM.

scrapping wise i have nothing that i am allowed to show you!!! so i will leave you on this fabulous thursday with this little snippit!


Felicity said...

Oh my, what gorgeous shots. you sure have a precious family there :)
Cant wait to see the mini!
That sneak is a tease!!! lol, looks AWESOME but.

BTW thanks so much for always visting my blog and leaving very encouraging comments.

kerry said...

Bon these pics are fab love the black and white.You look like you had a fun filled day thats fab.Congrats on the mini albums too.

Em said...

e the cutest bon!
lacey looks like a real daddys girl lol

Sara said...

Gorgeous pics.

Sam said...

Really special photo's Bon You will have to make the effort to get photos of you and your Dad next time you go.


Megan Leslie said...

Awesome photos Bosslady = )

If I had anything remotely interesting going on... I would love to have a gorgeous blog like you.

bronnyk said...

Gorgeous FD piccies!!!

Deb said...

gorgeous pics Bon - love that sneak too - can't wait to see more.

Cherie said...

Beautiful photos Bon...

Congrats on your feature in SC, I will have to make sure I get a copy and check it out.

Have a great weekend
Cherie xx


such gorgoeus pics bon love them all... especially the ones with your gorgeous dad!!

and matt looks hot there tell him rofl.. xx

see u soon babe..

Giovanna said...

Great feature Bon and gorgeous photos of the Dads.

Shazza said...

Hi Bon!
I cam across your blog whilst blog hopping....... as you do.

Love your photos and your layouts are cool.

Ifyou ever need any inspiration I run two challenge sites:
ARTastic =


From Screen 2 Sscrap =

Would love you to come and play along or become a follower to get my most recent postings


raquel said...

Hi Bon, I have been trying to get onto the forum but have been unable to. I am heading back to Aus at the end of this year, just read about your retreat....also read it was sold out already *cries!* can you please put me on the waiting list as I would love to come. Thanks, Raquel
p.s- congrats on the feature in SC!!