Monday, September 21, 2009

busy, busy, busy...

well if you visit bons i am sure you have noticed we have some big things happeneing..
i'm really excited about it all, it feels great to be able to give the reigns to someone else and let someone else do some work on bons..
I'm really loving what my web designer is doing and looking forward to everything being finished!
I spent most of the weekend working on the shop and then yesterday i held my crop day.
It was great to just hang out with such a lovely and friendly group of women.
we had 3 GOGREOUS bubs there and they were all soooo well behaved!
it was also lovely to meet you skye :)
It is school holidays and today was family day, making up for being away yesterday, SO the kids and i took a walk around the lake, it was a beautiful day and it was so nice to just reflect on everything and be thankful for my beautiful kids, loving husband and gorgeous friends. I love having that time to reflect, it makes you realise how truely lucky you are.
after the walk we called into the shops and got a few dvds, looking forward to sitting with the kids and watching them.
i have to share these photos, she is just so precious..
and some scrapping
this is my sample page for this months paper of the month at bons...

here is a snippit of a sample for next months challenge.
gorgeous stock all available at bons.

photo on this page is by - kipindi photography.
this is a sample for the monthly challenge at bons.

i'm really looking forward to next weeks cybercrop, i have finished my sample for my colour challenge, no thanks to mals criteria for me ;)

will also be announcing the new team members, i cant wait.

i'm really looking forward to working with the new girls :)

thanks for stopping by :)


Felicity said...

that is GREAT that things are going AWESOME!!
those Lo's are STUNNING, AWESOME, you give me so much inspiration.
how cute is Lacey!!
Love all the changes at Bon's and cant wait for the CC! :)

Anonymous said...

I had a great time yesterday! next time I HAVE to sit next to you!!!!! Love the LOs of course! and I can't wait to see your HANDWRITTEN journalling mwah:)

love Mal (blogger is playing up for me)

Sara said...

Absolutely gorgeous layouts and photos. Its nice to hear that you have been reflecting on the good things in life.

Charmane said...

oooohhhh HOW EXCITEMENT!!! LOVE those pics of Lacey - she looks like such a little GIRL in that last one.... Had a great day yesterday with all the bons girls :) so happy to be able to come!
Can't wait til the CC either... those sneaks look AWESOME.... as usual!
Love Charmane

Anonymous said...

Love the new Bon's, and totally agree with taking time to be thankful - we should all do it more often!
Love Leah.

kerry said...

Bon the sneeks look awesome also love the pics of LAcey she look so cute.TAke care Kerry xx

Deb said...

so important to stop and think about the good things in our lives! Gorgeous LO's - can't wait to see the handwritten journalling :) Forum and gallery look awesome, looking forward to the CC

megan said...

Change is invigorating and enlightening, like a face lift for the soul.
awesome photos of the piggy-tail princess, adorable!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely love the new look Bons - and great that things are going in the right direction. Cant wait for the CC night ;)


bon you are doing amazing job over at the forum babe.. love the pics of miss.. only she looks to big.. cry cry.. tell her to STOP growing..


Kristy said...

Oh love the sneak Bon! Love the new look at Bon's too, very you! So happy that you can stop and see the good things in life, I think more people need to do that : )