Thursday, May 21, 2009

more piccies and some awards.

kreativ blogger award...
got a few of these from a few people, thanks girls ;)

I have to name 7 things love.

1. my husband. I love him soooo much, he is my rock and my strengh. My shoulder to cry on, the centre of my everything..

2.. My kidlets.. They make my woprld SHINE! all special in their own way, i love them all equally and more than they will ever know.

3. SCRAPPING!!!! My SANITY, release... my break from my crazy life HAHA!!!

4. My fantastic friends. The special ones you all know who you are, always there to listen to me whinge, chat and laugh with on msn almost daily ;)

5. shopping, whethre for scrapping supplies or clothes for Lacey, i love the feeling of a good purchase...

6. home. our house certainly isn't a castle, and certainly not sparkly clean, but i love it... it's our home with our dreams and our memories, it's where i feel safe and comfortable.

7... creamy mushroom cup a soup, yes weird i know, but mmmm so good on a cold day.
i'm sure all my fabulos friends already have this award, but i'm going to give it to my friends who by chance haven't already got it.
OK no scrapping to show... still working on the commission work for scrapbooking creations. Cant wait to finish it, it was to say the leave a little over ambitious.

here are some piccies from the past couple of days...
if you pop in make sure you say hello, i'd love to come and visit your blog if i haven't already :)

i know this next one is not a "stunning" shot, but i just love the expression on her face, little darling, she makes me smile without even trying.

i know the next one is a little blurry, but i still love it!


Charmane said...

YAY- OMG you blogged again ;) what a cutie Lacey is! Loving ALL of your photos!!!

don't know about creamy mushroom soup though.... might have to try it ;)

Love Charmane

Marelle said...

Bon gorge pics lovely


This is awesome i love hearing about you and your family and seeing what u are all up to.. you should blog weekly..

lol am i asking to much..

missing you..
i love chatting with u on msn . you always bring a smile to my day

Mal said...

I always love reading your blog! love the photos!and I love chatting with you on MSN....even if it means I get nothing done!

Felicity said...

love those piccies of Lacey, she is super sweet!!
loved reading about what you love too!!
Have a top weekend.

marijana said...

beautiful photos:)
and I so understand the feeling of a good purchase-lol



Deb said...

Bon, loved your list of the 7 things you love. Those photos of Lacey are so cute - love the ones of her reading. You are one amazing person!

Shelly said...

Hi Bon!
I just want to let you know just how special your litle place on the net truly is....your photos are always gorgeous, and the chatter at Bon's is such a wonderful community. I am soo glad I joined there, I have learned heaps, and always love to drop in and "see" everyone.

Erika said...

Sooooo cute!!!

I love the dress Lacey has on. and how do you get her to co-operate with the hair?

Keep blogging :)


Kate said...

wow Lacey is growing up so fast, she is absolutely adorable!!! love hte pics of her reading, she is so clever ;)
Kate xxx

Marelle said...

Hey Bon
Something over at my blog for you honey

phatassphairy said...

just beautiful quickly is Lacey growing...

Bree said...

Hi Bon love all the pics on your blog :) Lacey is surely growing up too fast and the action shots of the boys footy are great!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the lovely comment. Bon's is a large part of my inspiration and motivation, just reading all the daily life activities shows me the strengths and qualities that are important in life :) You are a gorgeous young lady with a huge heart!!

Kerry said...

YAY ......I love those pics pf lacey - what a sweet little princess

Renae D* said...

wow...your photos are fantastic.