Sunday, May 11, 2008


yes, i'm a very bad blogger!
so much going on, so little time.
Lacey is growing up sooooo quickly, and while she still isn't sleeping during the day, the nights are fantastic, and she is not screaming all day, which is a good thing.
She just adores her little pony {or giraffe, whatever it is} teddy, and cuddles it ALREADY, it is soooooo cute.

the impossible task of getting a nice photo of the 3 kids continues....

i love these 2 piccies i took the other day, so cute.

My days seem to be filled with trips in and out of the car, between school, kindy & footy.

Kyle has started footy, it is so cute. He is so tall & stocky, and is one of the biggest in the team. He loves it, and i enjoy going to watch. Here he is on his first game...

I have been SCRAPPING lots {well not as much as i'd like, but alot more than i did while pregnant}

I had a fantastic mothers day, the boys were well behaved {sorta} and Lacey was good while kyle played footy. I cooked a lovely roast for my parents and my brother for dinner, it was so yummy. I got some lovely stuff that the boys had made, including a bag, so cute and matt gave me some $$ to go shopping and buy some clothes.

now if you've managed to get this far, make sure you pop into the shop, we're having 25% off storewide till midnight the 14th of may.

Please leave me a comment, i love to read them :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bon
Just love your blog and your photos of Miss Lacey - how gorgeous she is!
I am surfing instead of washing and ironing today!

Kate said...

Wow Bon, very long post, love all your pics and your pages have been absolutely beautiful....Keep up the great work :)

Peta said...

love the new pics Bon.... and the pages are awesme you are on a roll girl!!!
you need to update your profile etc.... as you are mummy to lacey too :)

Melanie said...

Lacey is adorable Bon, love all your layouts.

Leanne said...

Ok I have left a comment now you have to go over and leave a comment on my blog LOL
Oh by the way, love those photos, Lacey is such a cutie patootie

Cannot wait to see her in October
Leanne xxx

Charmane said...

YAY... you're Scrapping! It's awesome to see!!! Great work with the Challenges the girls are giving you!! Love the Bite Me one ;) Love the photos too!

We'll have to catch up soon!

Love Charmane

Cherie said...

Hi Bon,

Lacey is just too cute.

Love all the layouts you have done...they are all just simply stunning.

Glad to hear you had a nice mothers day.

Take care
Cherie xx

Giovanna said...

OH're scrapping again!! Nice to see you spend some time for yourself Bon.