Wednesday, November 04, 2009

nice pair!!!

one at a time next time please, just because it's called a pear, doesn't mean you have to have 2 at a time :D

and finally some scrapping..
everything has been so hectic lately :(
it felt great to get one finished.
this is for the paper of the month at bons
i've also used a few things from the CURRENT girl kit, there is only 2 left.
and we have a WINNER for the 100th blog post giveaway..
congratulations :)


Mal said...

congrats megan!!!!

and love the LO bon! fantastic!

Charmane said...


love the 'pair' hahah!!!

gorgeous page too! those plaits are cute!!!

Felicity said...

Congrats Megan :)

Hahaha at the 'pear' just too cute, will be great one to scrap.

LOVE that LO.

Giovanna said...

lucky lucky bugger miss ML!!
congrats you deserve it you spread so much joy...some coming back to you!!!

Crystal Bowman said...

Gorgeous pics Bon! Congrats to Megan too and have fun playing with all those goodies!! wasn't me! LOL

Melinda said...

Congrats Megan!! Enjoy using the goodies!
Love the LO Bon, so fantastic and gorgeous photos of Lacey too! Can't wait to see them scrapped!


Deb said...

Congrats Megan!!!!
Love the LO and how cute are those pics.

Bree said...

Oh Woohoo!!! Congratulations Meagan you are a very deserving winner and that is how Karma works xx

Love the layout Bon, the string is a great touch!! Too funny about the 'pair'

Anonymous said...

Congrats megan!!!!!! Have fun with your new goodies :D

Kristy said...

Congrats to Megan!!

Marelle said...

congrats Megan!!!!!
love the pair pear also lol

Mel said...

Congrats Megan

hehe..great "pair"

Stunning LO Bon

Sam said...

Yay Yay Megan ... Congrats... You are a champion Bon :D

I love your photos

Megan leslie said...

OOOOHHHH Thank you!!!!
wow!! thank you sooo much Bosslady!!!
Good thing I have a lot of storage.. wow, I am soo spoilt.. thank you!!! {and a very special little thank you to Princess piggytails for choosing me}

Love those pear photos.. such an adorable, expressive little face. =)

kerry said...

Great pics Bon and congrtas Megan you will have a great time using all that.TAke care KErry xx


love love that page WoW!! gorgeous pics

Ali said...

congrats Megan!!

Narelle Pearce aka Sassyscrap said...

Bon those photos of Lacey with the Pears are just way to sweet and your LO is so super gorgeous.