Wednesday, September 02, 2009

crazy, crazy kit day!!!!

this is slightly crazy!!!!

i upped my quantities this month and SOLD OUT in somewhere between 10 and 12 minutes!!!!

that is CRAZY!!!!

anyway in other news i had a fabulous day hanging out with the melbourne chicks. It was so nice to just be in such good company and be able to relax and be myself. I love all my awesome melb chickies, you are all great friends!

now how cute AND NAUGHTY are these....
cheeky little possum attacking the watermelon straight out of the bag!!!
i'm so glad to be finished all that packing, and i'm looking forward to taking a break from it for a few days {after i load new stock arriving tomorrow} he he!!!


Em said...

Thats awesome Bon!
so happy for you.
LOVE the watermelon pic! sooo cute!!

kerry said...

Oh how cute love the pics she is delightful.And awesome that your kits sold out so quickly.TAke care Kerry xx

Deb said...

those pics of Lacey are just so cute - she's gorgeous! Awesome that the kits sold so quickly - maybe you need more ;)

Felicity said...

you sell awesome kits, of course they sell quickly!!
LOL at LAcey with the watermelon, I think she loves it!!
She is adorable :)

Anonymous said...

I can understand how they sell out that quickly .... you put together AWESOME kits!!!!
OMG Lacey is so cheeky - if only I could get Kaleb to eat watermelon LOL

Terri B said...

Lacey is a cutey! I love those photos.

Charmane said...

LOL Bon.... Chei used to do that with boxes of Mangoes we used to have sitting on the floor.... skin and all... hahah.... too cute!

WTG on selling out on those kits! You def need to up the amounts!!!

Love Charmane

lisa said...

great news that photo of

Sara said...

Those piccies are just too cute!