Friday, August 28, 2009



and boy has this week made up for the dissapointing sales at the retreat.
karma, thats what this is!!!!! good karma!

on tuesday with my big sale i got a MASSIVE 13 orders, and in the past 2 days i have also got ALL THESE-

these are all paid for, ready to leave me tomorrow!
my life is all falling back into place and i haven't been this happy in ages!



thats cause u have the bestest stock in town in that store of yours..

glad its all looking up babe..

cant wait to get my order!!


Felicity said...

That is super news. 13 orders in one day!! That is great!! I would be a very happy too!
You do have great service too!!
Cant wait to get my pizza box!
x :)

Deb said...

Awesome Bon!!! I have to agree with Sandie and Felicity. Can't wait to get my kit sub. Take care x

Sara said...

I am so glad to see things are improving and you are feeling happier.

13 orders in one day AND all of those extra ones in two days is fabbo achievement.

Em said...

yay Bon! thats awesome, so glad things are going your way.
I'm loving all of your new stock..xoxo

Sam said...

thats fantastic Miss Bon

kerry said...

Good to see you have been so busy.Great that you have posted again.Take care Kerry xx

Kristy said...

That's fantastic Bon, must have kept you very busy!

Shelly said...

You deserve for it all to go your way Bon!!! I just adore your work, and am so proud to be a Bon's chick- you have fabbo challenges, a great forum, and so much talent there it is amazing! Love your blog hon xoxoxo

megan leslie said...

Always remember "Good things happen to good people" and karma takes care of the rest =-)
Will try to get to perth maybe when you do - almost as far as you from