Friday, August 31, 2007


IT's been a long road to get here, but we are finally having a baby..
due to complications we decided to wait to find out if everything was ok before we told people, so here we are, up the duff and our precious little bubba is due on the 5th of march :)
I have been REALLY REALLY sick {morning sickness} so thats where i've been for the past couple of months. On the couch feeling sorry for myself.


Sheree McGee said...

Woohoooo Bon!! So cool, now go rest up ;-)

Tara said...


This is awesome, awesome, awesome news.

Go baby... grow!

Teina said...

I am so so pleased to fianly know that all is ok it is so cool that all the news was good Am so haooy for you and your family which is now going to be bigger fantasic news

Charmane said...

FINALLY you can announce!!! congrats!!! and hope you get better SOON!!! so you can scrap...hahha... and chat more with us again!!!

Hope everything goes WELL from NOW ON!!! Boy, have you been through a lot!!!

Love ya Charmane

melanie harris said...

Congratulations Bon and Matt.

That is wonderful news.