Thursday, May 24, 2007

mothers day mini albums! & mothers day :)

ok, so this is really late, but it was such a job to go through and edit all the photos!

I won't really write anything much except, both of the mums had been whinging about not having any good photos from our wedding, and i'd just finished dylans little mini album, so i decided to make them a mini album each for mothers day from our wedding. I used the maya rd mini album as a template and i made the whole thing from scratch. The covers are covered in vinyl that i got from spotlight, i got a really long strip for about $4, great value! They were both very similar, but at the front where the families are were a bit different. Oh and for the opening page i used left over stuff from my wedding invites, even the same font :)

here are some great photos that i can't wait to scrap-

photots from mothers day-

me with my new mother in law :)

matts mum, and nana {she's 96 and just the most beautiful person}

me and kyle :)

& me and my mum.


Anonymous said...

hey bon, polly here, the albums are fantastic, you did such a great job with them and must be happy with the outcome. I'm sure the lucky mums were happy too :)

Melanie said...

All those photos are stunning Bon, I love how you have scrapped it with all the "peeky" pockets.

I should sent my wedding photos down to you. lol

Caz said...

Gorgeous albums Bon, I'm sure they were well appreciated presents..

Teina said...

Wow Bon what a awesome job you have done amazing effort and I would have loved to see the smile on there faces when you presented these to them amazing
You other photos are awesome as well looking forward to seeing these scrapped that if Charm don't were you out LOL magical stuff and you looked Beautiful love your eyes

Tara said...

Wow, beautiful work bon!!!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous albums Bon - love them :-)

fleurie said...

Lookin good bon

Mel said...

your mini albums are absolutely stunning

Mel xoxo

Cherie said...

Bon your albums are Absolutely Gorgeous.

Take care


Roos said...

what a great albums did you make , just lovely .

greetings Roos

Melinda said...

You look totally glamorous and beautiful in your wedding photos. Love the mini albums as I am sure the mums did too.

francineA said...

hey Bon, they are the most gorgeous mini albums ive seen in along time..sensational...and inspirayional, makes me want to scrap for stopping by my blog too..