Thursday, March 15, 2007

SO OVERDUE!!!!!!!!!!

i am well and truely a SLACK blogger!
not alot going on here! My brother has FINALLY got a job, with my husband! HA,HA- my trusy littl spy!
My parents are in brisbane visiting my sister! and celebrating their wedding anniversery. So hat will be nice for them!

Dylan has decided that he is big enough to ride a 2 wheeler now, so he's been riding kyles, so ther goes his birthday present! he's so cute cruising around and it amazes me how quickly he picked it up. And another thing thats VERY cute- when he goes quickly he sticks his tongue out!

on tuesday matt and i went for a nice romantic picnic on tuesday, had the day to ourselves with kyle at school and dylan at creche. And see the gazebo in the back ground??? thats where we got married. It was nice to just reflect on the day...

On tuesday night i went to fleurs place for a stampin up demo, done by herself... you did a great job, you clever chookie!!!

The other night i made pancakes! and i got this adorable pic of my boys and the neighbours son eating their HUGE pancakes! so cute.

So do you want to see what i've been scrapping??

first up-
going boatin'

this is what you call bead inasnity!!!

this took me FOREVER!!!
there is also some hidden journalling behind the R photo.. Just waiting on the really cute daisy D's hinges.

next up CARS!!

really love this page!
I've used felt and diamontes and lots of ribbon and arrows... i just love it and love the colours!!
andother with hidden journalling... pull the ribbons and out it comes! So original.. HE,HE!

next up- i just love this guy!!
and i also love this LO.. took me ages! It has also got hidden journalling which i accidentally sewed in while sewing the sequins and beads!

This was for one of the 1,2,3 challenges... CC challenge #1 - Buttons, Bling & Chipboard, but not hard enough for me so i made charm give me a colour scheme- and she gave me B&W!! I love it.

NEXT- he's mine- for the 1,2,3 CC, challenge #2 - Polka Dots, use quote "Learn from yesterday, Live for today, hope for tomorrow" & Fabric... i'm really happy with this one too.

more insanity- i didn't have polka dot PP so i made my own! i covered the monos with CS and the hole punched white CS and stuck them on! took me forever, but i love it!
NEXT- stars.
this was completed for the top 50 CC, the criteria was STARS! and i used plenty of them. most of the stuff on this LO was new stock for the shop! lots of dotted doodling! LOVE IT but very time consuming!
NEXT- honeymoon sunsets!
this is my LO for the top 50 monthly challenge! the criteria is- paint. But beacuse that wasn't challenging enough for me i asked charm to add, so she added- arrows and 3 or more photos.
and cause i'm a little insane i asked fleur to add a couple too. So she added - hole punching and 3 different brands of PP!

And lastly if you've made it this far!
BUICK! I was so happy that i got this car for my wedding! Especially at such a good price and on a long weekend! It was just beautiful!

This was for the 1,2,3 monthly challenge. The criteria was - B&W, stitching and 3 or more photos. I'm not sure if i like this one, but oh well.

So busy again tonight! the 1,2,3 CC is on! and fleur is coming over to scrap! I hope we actually get some done!


Charmane said...

WOW Bon all of those pages TRULY are GORGEOUS!!! Love each and everyone - and so glad you love using beads and sequins ;)
And how clever is Dylan learning to ride a two-wheeler - too cute with his tongue poking out! And how sweet to have a romantic picnic!!! AND YUM.... I think I might need to make myself some pancakes!!! Great to catch up with what you are up too - FINALLY... hehehe Love Charmane

Sam said...

Gorgeous pages Bon!!!

Jode said...

Wow Bon, you have been busy!
Glad things are going well for you.
We have a champion tongue poker outterer here too. DD does it whenever she is concentrating...scrap sessions are a cack.

Cherie said...

Your layouts are all fantastic Bon........

How sweet for the two of you to go out and have a romantic

Talk soon

fleurie said...

love his tongue bon....heheheh
thanks for your comment

and you will love your stamps...will let you know when they arrive

had FUN today too!!!

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