Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A great day!!!!!

What a fantastic day i had today!!! I met Anna and her family all the way from perth! and look what she made! WHAT AN ABSOLOUTE GEM!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! so of course i was naughty and tried it all on, bar my dress (which is still on order). She has done an amazing job!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ANNA!!! and you couldn't meet a friendlier couple!!! And their little girl is just beautiful! they are so much more shiner than the pic shows, but i'm just over the moon!
and this is me being naughty with my veil on! (PSssT- i also tried my garter and my ring and was parading around the house, HE,HE, HE)
This is me and kyle at the train station waiting for the train- ONE of the few aims for the year- Take more photos of me. I may not like them now, but i will regret later if i don't have them!kyle had his first trip on a train yesterday on the was he was VERY excited!!! On the train on the way there he was talking about aLL THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT, and the ones that he still needed to go on- a tram and a plane. Since we were going to the museum i told him that we would probably go on a tram too- His reply- can we go on a plane today too?????? UM, i think i may need a bit more time to organize that one kyle!!!
also another funny one. When we arrived at flinders st station kyle asks- "what country are we in now mummy?" COUNTRY??? we didn't even leave the state!
we had ALOT of fun at the museum, just kyle and i (dylan does creche on tuesdays) and they had a free show going "bug circus", we weren't going to see it, but then i thought we would just have enough time. So glad we did, it was great! very funny. And such a fantastic, affordable day out- children & concession are free and adults are only $6.. The city circle tram is free and we only paid for the train and lunch. The highlight of the day- the dinosaur bones (not half supprised though are you)
and this is my son dylan asleep, HE IS OBSESSED with cars!!! I love this picture because i can just picture him in his dreams directing traffic, CARS........
i think thats all...
Thanks for looking :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you indeed had a great day Bon ! The jewellery is just gorgeous...you are sure to look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day !


Anonymous said...

That last photo and your description is just way too funny!
Sounds like we need a trip to a another "country" and see the sites also!
Sounds like you both had a grat day!

Tara said...

Isn't Anna just lovely? She's done an awesome job with the jewellery.

I know what you mean about taking photos of yourself. Blah, I hate photos of me, but if I don't take them there wont be any.

Looks like you had a lot of fun out and about.

Anonymous said...

well, i'm glad you were naughty, because i can see for myself that the necklace fits nicely! glad you like them... :D ~anna

Anonymous said...

sounds like a wonderful day Bon. The jewellery looks stunning!

Beth said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic day! Love the photos! You will certainly shine in 2 weeks time!