Sunday, October 15, 2006

while the cats away, the mice will play.

I'm off to Brisbane to visit my sister from the 17th - 21st of October,
all orders that are paid by late 16th will be posted before i leave.
I'm offering 15% off storewide 17-21st.
no further discounts apply.
PLEASE NOTE- no orders will be processed during this time!
Every single person who places an order while i'm away will win a voucher of a percentage of their total order. How you will win is based on chance, a simple guess.
There are between 1 & 250 lollies in this jar.
once you have placed your order, in the comments box guess your amount.
The closest person will receive a voucher to the value of 40% of their order, If it is the exact amount i will up it to 50%.
The second closest will receive a voucher to the value of 20% of their order and the third closest will receive a voucher of 10% of their order.
Everyone else will receive 5% of their total order.
These prizes will be given in the form of vouchers, to be used on your next order. % amount is based on total order, after deductions and not including post. These vouchers will not cover postal expences.
Eg- your total order is $65.30 - 15% = $55.50, plus $6.50 post.
If you won second prize, you would receive a voucher to the value of $11.10 towards your next purchase- this cannot be used to pay for the current order.
** I would offer the lollies, but since my precious little boys will be here, i'm sure there will be none left when i get back... LOL!
good luck everyone,

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