Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Hi all,
where to start???? My name is bonnie. I'm engaged to Matt, and i have 2 fantastic boys who i, like all mothers adore. KYLE 16-11-99 & DYLAN 21-12-03 (great timing!!!), & I LOVE TO SCRAP!! so that's my life- my family and scrapbooking.
Actually there's alot more going on at the moment.
* I'm about to start planning my wedding- for the end of next year.
* We're trying for baby no 3.... fingers crossed for a girl, but as long as it's healthy i'll be one happy mamma. All a bit backwards, but thats me!
* & i just opened my own scrapbooking shop on the 25th of August- Bon's scraps. If you like to scrap, check it out. My prices average 20% lower than RRP.
so yeah very hectic!!!!
I'm the oldest of 4. I loved having a big family!
brother- Danny 21, Sister - Ashlee 19 & brother - justin 18. You'll probably hear quite a bit about them, my family, my life!
So i have no idea what i'm doing here.... will pop back later...

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